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A bird aviary selection - a prison or a home?

Many people take one-size-fits-all measure when it comes to select a bird aviary. They are only concerned about the price and the overall size regardless of the material, the style, bar spacing and bird’s habits. A wrong or unsuitable bird cage will harm your birds, or even cause great damage. There are about 3 elements you should take into consideration before your selecting a bird aviary.

First, material of the cage

There are two main materials of making bird aviaries: stainless steel and wrought iron. In the terms of cost, wrought iron bird aviary is much lower than stainless steel. However, in the cases of birds’ health and durability, stainless steel has unequaled priorities. On one hand, it doesn’t need any external power coating to protect the naked wire. However safe the coating is, it is not so good for birds chewing. On the other hand, stainless steel aviary can be used as permanent cage which will exceeds the life span of your birds.

Second, cage size

The bigger, the better. Flight is the nature of a bird. No bird cage is too large for a bird, even a small bird. One important thing is that you should pay much attention to the bar spacing. For a small bird, 3/8” to 1/2” is ideal. If larger, the birds will injury themselves when they try to escape from the cage.

Third, cage styles

  • Box-shaped bird cage
    Boxy bird cages have full of functions. Its simple style will not lessen its ability of keeping birds. by the way, its price is more reasonable and can be afforded by most people.
  • Playtop bird cage
    Unlike boxy cage, playtop bird cage allows the bird to come out. It is equipped with small bridge, perch and food bowl on the top. It is a better choice for active birds.
  • Dometop bird cage
    Dometop bird cage is named after its arched roof which provides more space. It is a wonderful way to offer much more room for multiple birds without occupying more floor space.

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