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Macaw a loyal and strong feather friend for your family

Macaw is an intelligent, willful and manipulative pet bird. It can learn to talk and learn tricks easily. You can also teach them to wave, play dead, dance and even somersault. Interaction between you and your macaw is very important. You should spend more than one hour a day to train him before he understands the rules and boundaries in his house. Macaw likes to chew, so a lot of toys will bring them a lot of fun and interests.

A macaw standing on a perch

Macaw is a favorite pet bird. Its beautiful feather, gentle character and intelligence make it very popular among its fanciers.

Macaw Brief Description:

  • Adult Size: 12 to 36inches (including the tail);
  • Weight: 54 ounces;
  • Life Span: 50 plus years;
  • Talking Ability: Some species are very good.

Macaw Appearances:

Macaws belong to largest parrot species. They feature tapering tails, strong wing feathers and huge beaks. There is a bare patch of skin on the face. You can tell species of macaws according to the size, exact placement and color of the patch. When a macaw is excited or angry, the patch will get flushed and red.

Macaw Aviary

Macaw has a large body, so he needs a huge space to ensure its regular moving and flying. Large aviary, walk-in aviary and polygonal bird cage are available. Macaw is a social bird. He needs communication and attention from his owner, or he will lose temper or become angry.

Macaw Diet

Macaws like fresh food including fresh fruits, vegetables, cooked grains and beans and other healthy human food. They should have two meals a day. Compared with other parrots, macaw requires more nuts and cooked lean meats in his daily diet. Fresh and clean water must be available at all times.

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