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Canary a beautiful singer to be housed in small aviary

Canary is a special pet bird for its distinctive and beautiful singing ability. They like spending most time alone, even in breeding season. They are fast, small and feel nervous to be handled. If you are fond of watching birds and listening to their songs, a canary is the perfect pet bird for you. Due to canary is a kind of lone bird, it is better to keep one bird in a cage. It is very territorial and will squabble and even fight with the other birds.

Canaries Brief Description

  • Adult Size: 4 to 8inches;
  • Adult Weight: 0.4 to 1 ounce;
  • Life Span: 20 years on average;
  • Speak Ability: Can’t speak;
  • Interaction: They are lone birds and don’t interact with people.
Two yellow canaries standing on a wood perch

Canaries are famous singers in the bird field. The two yellow canaries are very cute.

Canaries Appearance

Canaries are small birds and have various feathers including yellow, red-orange, white, pink and many shades of brown. Generally speaking, canaries are divided into three categories: song, type and color.

Canary Aviary Cage

Canary can be housed in a small aviary with bar spacing no more than 3/8”. The canary cage can be located indoor or outdoor. Wherever it is placed, you should ensure its safe from predators such as cats and hawks.

Canary Diet

Seeds are a great base diet for the canaries. A mix of seeds, fruits, vegetables (mainly leafy greens) and live insects if possible.

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