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Wrought iron flight cage adding an antique view to your house

A box-shaped flight cage with built-in seed guard

Wrought iron flight cage with three standing perches for your playful birds.

Wrought iron flight cage is a popular and affordable aviary for most bird-keepers and fanciers. Compared with mild steel, wrought iron flight cage is superior to outlooks, working properties and good resistance to corrosion. Wrought iron is a soft metal to work with and can be made to all various artworks, fences and aviaries for small to large birds. What is more, wrought iron is distinguished for its excellent weather resistance.

Wrought bird aviary cage can provide house for any birds including small, medium and large. It also can be fabricated in dometop, playtop, hexagonal or octagonal.

Wrought iron flight cage advantages:

  • Affordable and cost-effective.
  • Pet safe coating.
  • Ideal for housing any kind of bird.
  • Easy assembling

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