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Table top bird cage a movable castle for small-medium birds

A tabletop flight cage provides a spacious living room for parakeet or similar size birds

Table top bird cage

Table top bird cage is a comfortable and safe castle for finches, cockatiels, lovebirds, small parakeets and other similar size pet birds. The spacious living room allows them to play and relax. Removable bottom grille and pull-out drawer makes cleaning and disinfection very easy and simple. Our tabletop bird cages are specially provided for small-medium pet birds. Up to 1/2” bar spacing prevents your pet bird from escaping or sticking its heads. Non-toxic plating will do any harm to your birds’ health.

Benefits for your pet birds:

  • Easy to carry to any place as a result of the handle on the top.
  • Narrow bar spacing and non-toxic plating offers a safe dwelling.
  • Roomy house guarantees the flight from one side to the other.
  • Available for outdoor and indoor applications.

Detailed Specification:

  • Overall Size: 24”(L) × 14”(w) × 27”(H), 25”(L) × 21”(w) × 30”(H), 25”(L) × 10”(w) × 36”(H), 18”(L) × 18”(D) × 24”(H);
  • Bar Spacing: 3/8”, 7/16” and 1/2”;
  • Wire Gauge: 13 to 16;
  • Included Kits: 2 plastic cups and 2 perches;
  • Color: White, silvery black, green and sand stone.

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