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Movable small bird flight cage as a villa for small pet birds

The human beings prefer to live in large rooms, so does your pet birds. Have you thought of moving your lovely lovebirds, small parakeets and cockatiels to a larger flight cage? They will be very happy and chirpy. Conventional bird cage just holds the body of the bird, not mentioning flying and moving around. This seriously affects the bird’s health mentally and physically.

Our small bird flight cage is a villa compared with your previous bird cage. Its loads of room guarantee flight and activity. Easy-roll casters make the aviary movement on carpet or on grass easier. It is better to change living environments for your birds before they get tired.

Key Specifications:

  • Overall Size(L × W × H): 24” × 24” × 65”; 32” × 21” × 62”; 26” × 22” × 58”;
  • Bar Spacing: 3/8”, 7/16” and 1/2”;
  • Wire Guage: 13, 14, 15 and 16;
  • Wire Material: wrought iron, Stainless steel;
  • Color: black, grey, white and green;
  • Finish: non-toxic plating;
  • Included Kits: 2 perches and 4 bowls;
  • Slide-out tray;
  • 4 easy-moving castors.

Your benefits:

  • Up to 1/2inch bar space secure your birds’ safe.
  • Non-toxic coating.
  • Slide-out bottom tray makes cleaning easy.
  • Individual access door in low position.


Ideal for: Canaries, Finches, Budgies, Parakeets, Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Small Conures, Parrotlets, Small Amazons, Caiques, Quakers, Senegals, Meyers, Red Bellies, and other small to medium parrots.

White parrot bird cage moving on the grass by the castor wheel

This parrot flight cage gives enough room for the bird to play and relax. The movable castors can reach any place, especially the grass where the bird can enjoy fresh air and sunlight.

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