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Polygonal bird aviary the unique villa for your feather friends

Have you been looking for a spacious house for multiple birds? Polygonous bird aviary, hexagon or octagon, can offer more space to stretch their wings. Compared with common quadrangular aviary, polygonous aviary makes full use of the space to house several pet birds only if the birds can live together peacefully.

Hexagonal and octagon aviaries are particularly designed for housing large or x-large birds or several small-medium birds. The spacious house increases their exercise and enhances heart health and muscle health.

Benefits for your birds:

  • Pet-safe powder coating;
  • Wide cage for free flight and stretch;
  • Various bar spaces for different sized birds;
  • Large access doors;
  • Easy rolling castors for different sceneries.


Ideal for canaries, finches, budgies, parakeets, cockatiels, lovebirds, senegals, Amazon parrots, pionus, cockatoos, African grays, macaws and similar birds.

Key Specification:

  • Wire gauge: 14 to 16;
  • Wire material: wrought iron wire;
  • Diameter: 32”, 36” and 52”;
  • Overall Height: 74”, 67” and 69”;
  • Bar Spacing: 1/2”, 3/4” and 1”;
  • Finish: Non-toxic powder coating;
  • Color: Black, white, green or as required;
  • Inclusion: Key locks on main doors; 4 stainless steel bowls; Removable bottom grates; 4 perches.
Octagon bird aviary with two access doors

Octagon bird aviary is ideal for indoor or outdoor applications. Its classic style and larger space makes it very popular among bird fanciers.

White hexagonal aviary on the grass

Hexagonal aviary with extra headroom on the top provides more room for playful birds.

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