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aviary mesh

Aviary Mesh

Aviary mesh, made of mild steel or stainless steel, is designed with various apertures to suit your requirements, which range from 12mm to 25.4mm.

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stainless steel bird-cage

Stainless Steel Bird Cage

Stainless steel bird cage is the safest bird aviary for all pet birds. It can be designed with dome top, play top, or simple box shape.

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wrought lron flight cage

Wrought Iron Flight Cage

Wrought iron flight cage can be manufactured into many types including common box-shape, dometop, playtop and walk-in aviaries.

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large flight cage

Large Flight Cage

Large flight cage is designed for macaw, cockatoos, large parrots, African greys and similar animals. Spacious room allows for mental and physical health.

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medium flight cage

Medium Flight Cage

Medium flight cage gives a comfortable, safe and entraining house for medium-sized pet birds including small conures, caiques, pionus parrots and poicephalus.

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small bird flight cage

Small Bird Flight Cage

Small bird flight cage is designed with less than 1/2 inch bar spacing and ideal for finches, canaries, parakeets, small parrots and love birds.

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polygonal bird aviary

Polygonal Bird Aviary

Polygonal bird aviary including hexagon and octagon, is ideal for housing several pet birds together. Its huge space improves physical and mental health.

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walk in aviary

Walk-in Aviary

Walk-in aviary is designed with friendly walk-in door and swing out feeder door. Extremely large space for free flight from one side to the other.

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play top bird cage

Play Top Bird Cage

Play top bird cage is designed an outside play area on the top. It is ideal for active birds including lovebirds, pionus, conures, senegals, and quakers.

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table top bird cage

Table Top Bird Cage

Table top bird cage is specially designed for small and medium pet birds such as lovebirds, finches, small parakeets. Top handle makes it easy to any place.

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dome top bird cage

Dome top Bird Cage

Dome top bird cage has more room opposed to traditional box-shape bird cage. It is designed with multiple bar spacing for housing parrots, finches and cockatiels.

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