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CSEH Bird Aviary offer a comfortable home not a prison for your birds

Many families have recognized their pet birds as a member. So how will you treat your special member? The most important thing is to select a spacious and safe “home” for him/her, not a prison. To their health in mentally and physically, a large aviary is very necessary. Our bird cages, from small aperture and large aperture, from common box-shape to dome top and play top, from walk-in aviary to polygonal cages, all of them can offer enough room for flight and motion.

Besides size, the materials are our concerned points. Wrought iron is a popular and economical material for most aviaries. Coated by safe powder, wrought iron aviary has many colors including platinum, silvery black, pearl white, blue and so on. Stainless steel is the premium choice for it doesn’t no need of coating for it will not rust in harsh environments.

CSEH has been working hard to make Comfortable, Safe, Entertaining and healthy aviaries for macaws, parrots, canaries and parakeets.


CSEH was founded in 1990


We have more than 20 years of experience in the pet cage market.

CSEH Bird Aviary Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of bird aviaries, flight cages for many pet birds in China. Founded in 1990, CSEH has been always practicing its slogan: making a comfortable, safe, entertaining and healthy bird aviary for your loved pet birds. Over 20 years experiences in the pet cage market, we are keeping innovation and take seriously the suggestions from our customers. Owing to their help, we are now the most popular aviary maker for your feather friends.